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Top Tips for Safety During a Newborn Photo Shoot Posted on October 23, 2015

Capturing the incomparable moments of a newborn's precious first few days of life through photographs: got to be the best job in the world, right? While newborn photography is definitely rewarding and touching, it is also extremely challenging. Which is why at Fokal, we cannot stress the importance of newborn safety during a photo shoot more. If you've been following our series on newborn photography, in which we've covered how to find the perfect photographer, what to expect from your newborn photo shoot and tips on what you can do if your newborn photo shoot is not going the way you planned it, you would have seen that newborn safety during a photo shoot is a theme we consistently touch upon. At Fokal, you can use our handy tools to choose from among the best professional photographers for your newborn photo shoot. Read our top tips below to ensure your newborn's safety and well-being during your newborn photo shoot.



1. The trick likes in posing...

It is important to use poses that do not compromise on baby's safety in a newborn photo shoot

Stay safe with baby posing

Many of the poses that newborn photographers accomplish are composite images, use spotters and assistants or are manipulated in Photoshop. While the creative poses many newborn photographers use seem incredibly attractive, make sure that your baby's safety or comfort are not being compromised on at any point. Newborns are top heavy and prone to reflexes like rooting and startling, these have to be taken into consideration when posing a baby. If your baby is crying or seems uncomfortable, speak up. Every baby is different and should be photographed as such; some babies may be uncomfortable in a 'popular' newborn pose but may flexibly slide into another pose. Your newborn photographer will try and find your baby's 'comfortable spot' and work with that, while also regularly checking baby's limbs to ensure good circulation. Constant communication with your newborn photographer is key to making sure your newborn is secure (and you are not stressed out!).


2. Stay safe with props

  Only use safe props in a newborn photo shoot
The props may look cute, but is baby safe?

Cute baby, cuter props; yes shooting your newborn baby with props (provided by your newborn photographer or picked out by you) can be fun! However it is imperative to maintain certain safety standards when using props in a newborn photo shoot. For one, never leave a baby unattended in a prop or with a young sibling; always have a spotter or parent next to the baby. Never put a baby inside or on a prop that can break or fall. Take extra care when using any hard props and avoid glass props completely. A good rule of thumb is to use props that are soft, comfortable and with zero risk of injury.


3. If you're not sweating, you're doing something wrong!

  Keep the surroundings warm and cozy during your newborn photo shoot
Is it me or is it hot in here?

Remember, newborns are unable to regulate their own body temperature and since most newborn photo shoots happen with babies in the nude/ nappies, it is essential to maintain warm, toasty surroundings- even if that means the grown ups sweating it out a bit! Keep any heaters at a safe distance and make sure any props used are comfortably warm for baby as well.


4. Sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize some more

Sanitize hands regularly during your newborn photo shoot
Are those hands washed?

And just in case we didn't say that often enough, make sure that everyone who touches baby cleans and sanitizes their hands regularly. Newborns are incredibly fragile and the last thing you want is for your baby to pick up an infection. Your newborn photographer will have cleaning supplies at hand but stay safe and carry your own too. And it goes without saying that nobody who is unwell or ill (even a minor cold!) should be handling your newborn baby.


The important thing to remember during your newborn photo shoot is to trust your instincts. You've undoubtedly done your research and found a newborn photographer you are comfortable with. Still, if at any point you are unsure about what they are doing, ask questions and voice your opinion. Here's to clicking those precious memories of your little miracle, captured beautifully and safely :)

Title image credits: Kidoclicko


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