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7 Steps To Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer Posted on October 28, 2015

The engagement ring is sparkling on your finger...There's magic in the air...The countdown to your big day has started! Yes, we're talking about your wedding day, a day on which you will be creating memories that are not just life altering but which will also last for a lifetime! Given the significance of this all important day, it is only natural that you would want to find the perfect wedding photographer who can capture those glorious memories and capture them right- after all you want every precious second of this special day documented down to the very finest detail. If you've been following our series on wedding photography, you've probably already seen some of our pointers on how you need to go about finding the right wedding photographer. In our concluding post in the series, we bring to you a 7 step ready reckoner that covers everything you need to know to find the perfect wedding photographer.

1. Begin the search for your wedding photographer early

As soon as your special someone pops the question would be a good time to start! The best professional photographers book their schedules well in advance, so realistically speaking, you should begin the process of finding the perfect wedding photographer as soon as your wedding date is set.

The perfect wedding photographer is an integral partner on your wedding day

Let your wedding photographer hold your hand through the most special day of your life

2. Have a process in place to find your perfect wedding photographer

Yes, it's a good idea to check out the photographer who covered your cousin's wedding or take recommendations from the caterer or wedding planner, but at the end of the day you need to find a wedding photographer who is perfect for you. While it's definitely a good idea to tap into your network and weigh in word of mouth recommendations, you should also be prepared to do your own research. At Fokal, we've made the entire process as streamlined and easy for you as possible. With us, you're just a few clicks away from selecting your perfect wedding photographer through our extensive database of professional and trusted photographers. From specifying your exact requirement and budget, receiving proposals from photographers, checking their portfolios, ratings and reviews and a useful comparison tool; we've got it covered!

3. Fine tune your options

Once you have short-listed the top three to five photographers from your list, meet them in person to see more of their work and assess whether your personalities match. Discuss your wedding venue, the wedding style and ceremonies and what you envision for your wedding photos.

The perfect wedding photographer will capture all the precious memories of your wedding day
You need the perfect photographer to capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories!

4. Review a few full wedding albums

Don't just look at a few selected images from an assortment of weddings and leave it at that. Insist on seeing a few complete wedding albums, end to end, so that you get a complete picture of what their work is like. Specifically ask to see work of the photographer who will be shooting your wedding and if possible, ask to look at weddings that are similar to yours in tone, theme and style. Look for images of the key moments you want captured, crispness and composition of images, lighting and the overall feel. For example, you want the images to have a natural, relaxed feel and not an overtly posed, artificial one.

The perfect wedding photographer will capture all the candid intimate moments between you and your spouse to be

First kiss as husband and wife? Capture it right with the perfect wedding photographer!

5. Compare packages

Find out what's included in your wedding photographer's standard wedding package, plus any extras you may want like a sangeet or mehndi shoot, special effects or any extra coverage. Specifically, find out how many hours of coverage your photographer is including. You definitely want your photographer there from beginning to end, so if there are any overtime specifications, have those covered.

6. Confirm your photographers

Many large photo studios have more than one photographer, so when you sign a contract, make sure the photographer who will be shooting your wedding is the same one whom you interview and whose work you have seen and liked. Include specifications for who will cover for the lead photographer should something happen on the wedding day, and whether any assistants or second shooters will be present. This is also a good time to again gauge how well your personality and style of working matches that of your photographer. After all they are going to be hanging around with you on one of the most important days of your life and capturing all the key moments for posterity, as well as mingling with and shooting your families and guests!

7. Get post production details

After the wedding, your photographer will upload, process and edit the raw files before getting photo proofs back to you. Check with them about the time frame for the same, how many images you can expect, resolution, prints, retouching and special effects options. Also check about your rights; some photographer's contracts stipulate that all image rights remain with them which means they can use them promotionally; you will need to discuss all of this up front to work out an arrangement you are comfortable with.

The perfect wedding photographer will ensure you look back on your wedding day with the best memories captured perfectly

Those precious memories captured perfectly will let you look back on your wedding day with picture perfect moments

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will take while planning your wedding and we hope our comprehensive guide has made it a little easier for you. Have any questions? Write to us in the comments below; we'd love to hear from you!

Image Credits (from top to bottom): Splendid Photos, Color Frames, IclickWeddings, Absolute Fairytales


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